Bataputi Coffee House

At Araya housing region already known for the beautiful neighborhood. There’s a lot of cafe and resto that already Instagram-able. Bataputi is a perfect place for you that looking for a quiet place and enjoy your coffee. Of course, you also can take a photo for feeding your Instagram haha. At Bataputi you can feel traditional […]

Sea You Eatery

Hai Guys! Beberapa hari yang lalu kita mengunjungi salah satu tempat jajan baru di Malang. Nah dari sekian banyak tempat baru, akhirnya kita memilih ke SeaYou Eatery. Awalnya kita mengira bakal semacam seafood resto standar yang menjual ikan bakar, kepiting bakar, udang bakar dan bakar-bakaran yang lainnya, tapi ternyata kita salah besar! Disini kalian bisa nikmatin […]

Frost Roll Ice Cream

A fancy design interior is not always main criteria to become a great place. A good atmosphere that calm you down in modern minimalist concept cafe with ice cream is a great criterion for deciding your favorite hide-out place with your friends. Frost Roll Ice Cream surround by a quiet neighborhood so in this place […]

On the street, Noela

Noela Liora ( @noela_liora ), high school student. Maybe you will assume that she’s already a college student or a senior in high school because she’s tall right?. She’s just a 1st-grade high school student but her hobby is swimming help her growth well. So she’s want to go to Karimun Jawa and spend her […]

Gartenhaus Co – Working Space Indonesia

Gartenhaus Co-working Space Indonesia. From the name make us imagine that this place not only suitable for hanging but also for meeting and discuss your project. The atmosphere of this place feels like your own home. There’s a lot of plants, a fish pond that makes feel so fresh and cozy. They decorate this place […]