Eten en Drinken Kitchen & Cafe

Nowadays, numerous cafe and resto ready to serve you. They do not just attract our attention with their food and beverages, but also with their interior design. Ete en Drinken Kitchen & Cafe is one of the new cafes that offering new concept. At Eten en Drinken, we recommend you to choose the second floor. […]

The Arbanat

Hi, welcome back! Another Coffee shop, kitchen, and lounge ready to heated up our city. Open from 10.00 AM The Arbanat will spoil your mouth and eyes. They serve a good food with a well-designed interior that’s really Instagram-able. Nowadays it’s become a trend that’s a dine place must be served well-designed interior for customer convenience. […]

Gartenhaus Co – Working Space Indonesia

Gartenhaus Co-working Space Indonesia. From the name make us imagine that this place not only suitable for hanging but also for meeting and discuss your project. The atmosphere of this place feels like your own home. There’s a lot of plants, a fish pond that makes feel so fresh and cozy. They decorate this place […]