Exclusive Photo Hunt with Jelito De Leon

Watching the sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu: The weather wasn’t good enough, it was a little bit misty and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, here you can find mount Merapi (sorry, the mount was hiding too) and Borobudur temple from Puthuk Setumbu.

On October 21st, 2017, I’ve been choosing Greenhost hotel to join exclusive photo hunt with Jelito De Leon (@jelitodeleon). We were chasing sunset at Punthuk Setumbu, going to Borobudur Temple, Hutan Pinus Pengger, lunch at Bumi Langit and the last going to Gumuk Pasir.

Huge thanks to Greenhost hotel to this opportunity and Telkomsel for the wifi support. 

Second destination, Borobudur temple: My second time going to Borobudur temple, the last time I was going when in Elementary School with my family.


Hutan Pinus Pengger: Here, we were chatting a lot, eat some snacks, and cool down our soul


in Frame: Ari (@bjonnicus)
Last Destination, Gumuk Pasir: So hot here, but you can buy coconut drink at warung near here to cool down your head.


with the Gang (from left): Rizki (@jurnalrizki), Me, Ari (@bjonnicus) and Jelito (@jelitodeleon)

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