Jazz Gunung 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 of Jazz Gunung Bromo 2017 started with the performance from Sono Seni Ensemble. We really appreciate their creativity, because they combine Keroncong with jazz Bossanova. Their music very enjoyable to hear in the windy weather that afternoon.

When the dusk comes and gets colder, Dira Sugandi pleased our ear with her beautiful voice. She’s and Sri Hanuraga Trio present folk song with update arrangement from their album Lagu Nasional volume I. The songs like Kampuang nan Jauh Di Mato, Kicir – kicir, Bunga Jeumpang, Tanah Airku, Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, etc became really catchy.

We really appreciate her passion to perform despite the cold weather to socialize that folk songs need to be familiarized to every people in Indonesia especially children.

After the break, Indra Lesmana started to perform with his title track like morning bird, joy joy joy, etc. Indra Lesmana is a jazz musician that shouldn’t be missed from jazz event. We sure his skill in music must be down from his father, Jack Lesmana

The founder of Jazz Gunung Bromo gives an award to Jack Lesmana as a form of appreciation to him and his work in music also his dedication to teach his son Indra Lesmana to play music well.

Among the crowd of audience and guests there seen Bupati Probolinggo attend to give her speech and appreciation to the organizer of Jazz Gunung and the audience who have to enliven Jazz Gunung and help the economy of people surrounding Bromo.

When the nights get deeper and colder, performance from Ring of Fire Project feat Idang Rasidi & Soimah very anticipated by the audience. And turn out their performance amazingly entertaining. Soimah didn’t just singing but also perform comedy skit that arranges with the host of Jazz Gunung Bromo. They are made night warmer with their performance.

The last we have Glenn Fredly that already waited by the audience from day 1. We already expected he’s present romantic song and mellow, but he’s present the song like Hikayat Cinta that excite the audience. Glenn also made collaboration with Idang Rasidi perform Cinta dan Rahasia, it’s really cool and made the song more romantic.

Glenn Fredly is a great conclusion from the Jazz Gunung Bromo 2017.

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