Jazz Gunung 2017 – Day 1

Finally! after so long did not bring the content of traveling. We represent with coverage of one of the great jazz event in Indonesia. The cold of Bromo mountain does not break the spirit and enthusiasm to enjoy this extraordinary music event.

The appearance of jazz senior musicians who are members of Surabaya All Star as the opening of Jazz Bromo 2017 can set the mood of the audience to be ready to enjoy the Jazz Mount Bromo for 2 days.

As dusk begins to come to the appearance of Paul McCandless & Charged Particles is able to slightly warm up the atmosphere that begins to feel cold with the songs they present, one of them are Rain land and Two Moons.

One of the personnel from Charged Particles said that feeling like a dream come true to perform in this jazz event of Mount Bromo in order to tour Indonesia they are undergoing.

Just after the break, we were going to meet and greet with the guest star for all media
Meet and Greet Guest Star

The appearance of Monita Tahalea opens with the song of Rayuan Pulau Kelapa which corresponds to the moment of Indonesia independences. Then followed by the songs from the Dandelion album.

In addition to presenting a remarkable performance, Monita as an ambassador of Sahabat Bromo invites the audience to participate climbing Bromo while picking up the existing trash during the trip on the climb so that Bromo is always beautiful to visit.

After being entertained by Monita Tahalea, there’s a musician who can’t be missed from the jazz event. Of course the appearance of Dewa Budjana. Featuring several songs from the album Zentuary, he’s able to show his music skills that are very amazing. There is a solo performance of harmonica players and flutes that amazed the audience.

Night getting colder with a strong wind become warmed by the appearance of Maliq n D’essentials. Featuring hits songs such as Sriwedari, Himalayas, Dia, Pilihanku, Untitled and also songs from his latest album Senang. Maliq n D’essentials can make the audience sing along with them and get excited. It’s such a wonderful closing performance.

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