Sora Sore

The first summer festival in Malang! Feel so excited to review this awesome event. POMP Studio doing a great job organizing this event. Various forms of artwork from music, fashion, mural art until fire dance packed nicely in Sora Sore. Most of the artists and community are from Malang, like Lettmagz and Turu Kene mural art community.

The audience give their best to make the atmosphere more festival with their style, so boho style is their choice.

Marigold Band Performance
Coldiac Band

The sun goes down and fire dance warms the atmosphere, after that Coldiac band heating up the atmosphere with their attractive performance. Maybe many of you not really aware about Coldiac, so we recommend to you to check their music on Soundcloud or Spotify. We swear you will love it!

Danilla Riyadi

Taraaaaa! The highlight of Sora Sore is Danilla Riyadi. She does not only sang well but was able to heat up the audience with her charming personality. You can watch Danilla Riyadi music videos here

We hope festival like this can held again and many people can enjoy it.

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