Explore Batu “Gunung Banyak”

1. Paralayang

After all this time wondering around the town to find a good dining place. Finally, we came to one of the places you should visit when you at Batu, Malang East Java. We already multiple time visit Paralayang, interestingly there’s always something new in this place. Before you can only be taking pictures with mount view as a background and paragliding. Nowadays there are stunning corners especially for taking pictures. The constant development of this place is a proof that the management system is getting better as the number of travelers from nation-wide visit this place.

Personally, we really enjoy the mount view from Paralayang, it feels relaxing. So we think Paralayang is a good place for short escape.

2. Tree House

Treehouse is still one area with Paralayang but you have to pay separate entrance ticket. Obviously, there’s some of the tree house that purposely built for taking pictures only. The mount-view background is still the attraction point beside the tree house itself.

3. Goa Pinus

And the last, we visit Goa Pinus. This place is new to us, but there’s already a cave in this place. We think the governments want a people to explore Goa Pinus, so they make improvements and built some interesting spot. We really recommend this place if you already in Paralayang area. So, we hope you can enjoy this place like us.



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