Frost Roll Ice Cream

A fancy design interior is not always main criteria to become a great place. A good atmosphere that calm you down in modern minimalist concept cafe with ice cream is a great criterion for deciding your favorite hide-out place with your friends.

Frost Roll Ice Cream surround by a quiet neighborhood so in this place is very quite and from this place, you can get a good view. We think you will really like it.


Their main specialization in this place is Roll ice cream. You can find the detail about this ice cream by internet or Instagram. But from this photo, you can feel that the cooking process is interesting right?

In this stage, you put the topping that you want and then mix with ice cream dough. We find it interesting when ice cream becomes solid and ready to roll.


Oh ya! they also have this smoothie bowl that looks so delicious. We think it’s a bit wrong, but we a little bit like this smoothie hehe





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