Coban Talun

Here we go! we are exploring one of the many hyped places in town. Yap, it’s Coban Talun!

Of course, we are doing some research before going to this place. At first, we just want to hunt photo at Apache camp and flower garden that’s already famous and flooding in our Instagrams explore. Because of our ignorance, we instead take a route to the waterfall and find a super duper cool area for taking a photo.

But after a long long long way of thinking, we decided to go back and didn’t continue finding the waterfall. (I think you must get a little bit exercise before goes to this place haha).

Finally, we can get our way to Apache camp. From the outside, you already feel the Indian vibe because they decorate this place very well. Actually. this is a camping area with Indian decoration, there are 10 room and 1 cafeteria at the center. So, you must pay to enter this camp and taking a photo until you bored!

In front of  Apache camp, there’s a flower garden which requires you to pay to enter. But don’t worry this garden has a wide space, so you can explore your idea to get good photos until you can’t think anything.







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