Bureau located just above RSCH that was already known as a clothing store. If you a little bit innocent and simple minded you will guess the entrance to the cafe is through the store, but you can find stairs outside the store.

When you think about cafe the first thing that peeps out on our mind is food right? Fortunately, this place has many kinds of food that will satisfy your stomach, of course, their variant of coffee also really good. ( Psstt honestly their iced tea is better for me )

At first, I think this place will have a broad and wide space but it’s just because they can decorate this place very well and fill the space wisely. I really like the idea to place some empty box and jar at the bar to become decoration, the combination of black and white, yellow, brown for this place somehow looks good and make it feels cozy.

Extra points for this place is they have a super duper fast wifi connection. I think this cafe will become the hottest place in town for hangout, meetings and for the wifi hunters like me. And last but important, they have a plug on every table ! so it’s very comfortable, right?

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